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Eclips is an equipment distributor and system integrator for wireless communications systems. Our main market is in the field of satellite communications. The target market is Europe, Middle East and Africa. ( EMEA )

We deliver turn key solutions, including the design, equipment delivery and installation, commissioning, space segment. In the section " Projects " you will find a few of our latest completed projects.

Eclips  provides all Satellite Telecom Products, from antenna to the interface. We can provide you with Low Noise Block downconverters, Up converters, BUC's, SSPA's, TWTA's, at very competitive prices.

Our Broadcasting department is delivering and installing TV, FM, MMDS and Data broadcasting, turn-key. From the exciter all the way up to the antenna, including encryption systems if nessesary.

In the section Used Satellite Equipment you will find a description of de-installed equipment which is for sale at a fraction of the cost of new equipment.

Eclips Is the ANACOM repair center for Europe, Africa and Middle east. ( EMEA ) We repair your ANACOM equipment, in or out of warranty. Go to the " Anacom Service Center " section to download an RMA form in case you want to return a unit to us.

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